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Introducing our radpill exclusive "1D=1B" hat – a bold and stylish statement piece that goes beyond fashion to make a powerful statement. This unique cap isn't just an accessory; it's a symbol of solidarity and advocacy for a better world.

Crafted with care and precision, the "1D=1B" hat features a high-quality, comfortable design that complements any outfit. The striking embroidery proudly displays the equation "1D=1B," encapsulating the essence of our mission – where one person's contribution equals one positive change in the world.

By donning this hat, you not only showcase your sense of style but also join a community committed to making a difference. Whether you're passionate about social causes, environmental sustainability, or simply believe in the power of unity, the "1D=1B" hat allows you to express your values effortlessly.

Made from durable materials and designed with a one-size-fits-all adjustable strap, this hat is versatile and suitable for all occasions. Elevate your fashion game while making a meaningful statement with the "1D=1B" hat – because every individual action adds up to create a billion possibilities for positive change.

• 100% chino cotton twill
• Green Camo color is 35% chino cotton twill, 65% polyester
• Unstructured, 6-panel, low-profile
• 6 embroidered eyelets
• 3 ⅛” (7.6 cm) crown
• Adjustable strap with antique buckle

1D=1B hat

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